I left my MD job at Bank of America Merrill Lynch to start a boutique. This is what you should know

By Paul Clarke

2016 has been the year of the boutique investment bank. Specialist M&A shops run by a handful of senior investment bankers have been taking advisory work off the bulge bracket banks, while the so-called ‘elite’ boutiques with a few hundred staff – think Houlihan Lokey, Evercore and Moelis & Co – have also been moving up the league tables.

In the first nine...

How Much is Too Much?

Money Is Definitely Flowing Into Dubai's Consumer Sector. Healthcare, education and all consumer-related investment sectors are by far the most popular investment sectors in the MENA region nowadays. This applies to both the private equity and public equity investors. In this article we discuss why consumer related investment sectors are so popular across the Middle East.

Mideast Boutiques Seek to Become Fashionable M&A Choice

Boutique advisory firms seem tailor-made for a region where personal ties are key, and where most mergers and acquisitions aren't billion-dollar glamour deals for sovereign wealth funds but in the $50 million to $150 million bracket - territory ignored by the investment banks who dominate league tables

Why GCC Sovereigns Can and Should issue Sukuk or Bonds

With high credit qualities and the global availability of liquidity thanks to quantitative easing, GCC Sovereigns should be able to use the Sukuk or Debt Capital Markets to raise cheap financing for their budget deficits.

Junior investment bankers’ commitment problem

Investment banks want elite graduates with a passion for the industry. Once they’ve snared them, they’re working hard to keep them away from the cloying hands of private equity firms. Banks are ramping up salaries, handing analysts more power and making efforts to reduce their workloads. And yet for an increasing proportion of graduates entering the industry, investment banking is a stepping...

11 Tips for Junior Bankers

Good advice from senior investment Bankers to new starters regarding how to best navigate the early years in their career....

Impact of regional instability on M&A Activity

MENA M&A Volumes for the first half of 2014 are still surprisingly lingering at a 10 year low. This is contradictory to the strong pipeline we are seeing in our niche segments.

MENA Private Equity Springs to Action

The long awaited revival of the MENA private equity sector seems to have finally started. Evidence of this revival is both on the fund raising side as well as on the deal flow fronts.

Dubai Banker Turned Adviser Strikes Out on his Own

Ziad Awad turned his back on banking after a 20-year career in the sector to set himself up as an independent M&A adviser.

Second life bankers thrive in Dubai as boutiques boost fees

This highly read Bloomberg article covers the boom in independent advisory firms being set up in Dubai in 2013 in the wake of the financial crisis.